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Trans-Mongolian Railway to Boost Cargo Volume

Apr. 10 – The Ulaanbaatar Railway Mongolia-Russia joint venture (UBTZ) transported a record 18.4 million tons of cargo and gained net profits amounting to more than 4.4 billion tugrik last year, according to the company statement which was announced during a regular meeting of the board of directors. Freight traffic has grown by 10 percent, while the volume of passengers has grown by 9 percent to 3,829,000 in 2011, compared with 2010. The majority of passengers (3,662,600) were carried domestically, and 166,400 passengers internationally. Freight turnover for the Ulaanbaatar Railway, or the Trans-Mongolian Railway, stood at 11,382,000 tons in 2011.

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Mongolia’s Cross-Country Railway Project Faces Delays

Feb. 13 – The extensive cross-country railway capable of delivering Mongolia’s swelling coal output to South Korean and Japanese markets through Russian territory originally scheduled to start last year is not likely to begin before 2017, the country’s railway authority told reporters. The funds required to finance a series of feasibility studies and project designs (around US$50 million), drawn up last year when the decision to quadruple the country’s rail network was made, remain on paper.

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